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Religion /not God's Way(last day revelation)I show to you,the Mark of the Beast

Let us look at matt.23 where Jesus denounces the scribes & pharisees, it is important to look at this huge problem in the world today(last days) before Christ will come & rapture His Bride/Church 1Thess.4:16,17 &(*** Rev.3:10 is Jesus' promise to us.)If you do not look to God; instead of a church or religion , you are not His.That is why we are born again into Christ by His shed Blood Eph.1:7 & Rev.3:20 Religion teaches false doctrines, making people think they must join unto her to be saved, if you do not, then you are not saved or (Born again)I will show to you in Matt.23 how this is religion today as well as then.All of Ch. 23 is all about Jesus' condenation of pharisees. This is His final rejection of them at the temple,(church)***** their own stronghold of influence and Security.*****... Just as today.***** They think their Denomination or religion is as God.*****... they look to her to save them*****...when she cannot save herself.***** She denies Christ's authority*****, she claims her authority Over God*****, Bear with me here ....I* will show to you......They even deny the authority of God's Word.... Satan is trying to show you rebellion against God works...WRONG....when I say she *I mean RELIGION. and Her false doctrines(teachings) .Their stronghold of influence & security in HER the temple or( church) or synagogue, what ever you call the religion.........Matt.23:3-6 A Phylactery was worn by the Jews when they prayed,Only) following Deut.6:8,9....BUT the Pharisees wore them always ( same as today, in religion) which makes them conspicuous.Upper most rooms (chief places)(appear holy & are not )*****(Robes,hats,turbins etc.*****I am wearing this Robe, I am Holy, bow before me, I can save you, come to my church & be know the ones.*****Teach in your jeans, a sweat shirt....God does not care about your physical coverings.... God only sees our hearts covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ, He is our away w, the floor show...don't sit & watch....get up & receive Christ & praise God for all He does for you.....not man........*****our own righteousness is as filthy rags before God almighty.

23:7-12 Rabbi is from a Hebrew word ("My Great One") or Teacher. Christ decrees call no man your father , in a spiritual sense, Masters v.10 is literally Guides ,leaders or teachers. While**** Servant means Minister or attendant(Jesus said, call no one Rabbi,for One is Your Master,Christ; and call no man father,for one is your Father which is in heaven vv.8,9v.10 nor master.,which is Christ.

Get this revelation Matt.23:13-15 you shut up the Kingdom of heaven ; of God against men...You put stumbling blocks in the way of the sinner coming to repentance & conversion. I talked about this in my BLOG on religion, but we are looking closely at the scriptures in this BLOG...DEVOURING widows houses means extort money from the helpless & bring them into debt and bondage ,while making an outward show of your religion.The pharisees sought proselytes for the sake of their own gain, under the guise of Religion.

VV.16-22 illustrate the Pharisees false teaching in regard to oaths. Temple..(Gr. naos,sancturary)or Church bldg...Religion/ Our Lord teaches us here that all oaths are equally binding, and *****no man can expect to escape their consequences before God by making distinctions such as these ( do read)prayerfully."See where Jesus clearly said, you swear by your temple/church ;*****v.16Jesus said, it is Nothing*****.v17 you fools are blind guides, who say"whsoever shall swear by the (temple) church ,IT IS NOTHING,and who shall swear by the gold of the temple(church),he is a debtor, v.17 you fools are blind, for what is greater,the gold ,or the temple that sanctifies the gold?(Jesus ' Blood sanctifies us!!!) v.18 whoever swears by the altar, it is nothing, and who swears by the gift upon the altar, is guilty.(SEE:Church or religion cannot help you*****(((***v.21 whoever swears by the (temple)church,swears by it,****and at him that dwells in there***(your god)=your MARK....)))(((.***v.22 and he that swear by heaven,swears by the throne of God, and by Him that sits thereon.***))) here is your most important Revelation from this BLOG!!!!!("who says...if you do not belong to this religion, then you are not saved...that you must become that religion to be you see? she draws sinners unto herself & not unto Christ.I pray God opens your spirit eyes so you SEE, and come out of her to Jesus Christ alone Rev.3:20 & Eph.1:7 & 1John1:9,10 & Rom.10:9,10 & Luke13:3
**********Can you see the teaching here? (("You do not swear by any church or religion but to God alone , who is in heaven")). No Man or Temple(church) or religion.No Church can Save anyone. Only God alone.John1:12,13 & Eph.1:7.examples.
What Jesus is showing is about God not any religion or church.
Looking at 23:13-15 you shut up the kingdom of God, preventing sinners from entering in, by making them believe that they can only be saved through you, by joining onto you.....I want to end this up by last day teaching...You know about the One World religion that is to come about?(James1:26 man's religion is vain)this is being set up right now. they appear to be religious outside, not inside.Rev.13...Rev.17 & 18 ...Babylon, and false doctrines are her fornications,(against many nations & peoples, having many daughters.(Religion, man not God) 17:15-18 The Whore sitting on many waters on the beast...on 7 hills,the waters are peoples , and multitudes of nations & tongues, indicating worldwide influence and authority of the harlot.v.18 She us identified as that gr city, which reigns over kings(***leaders***,church leaders even leaders of nations)), referring to a worldwide , idolatrous,pagan system centered at Rome. v.12 toward the end of great trib ,the 10 kings will destroy the harlot system.16:19 ;18:5,6; 19:2see 17:2 the merchants of the earth have become wealthy through the apostate, idolatrous system centered at Rome.;speaking also of (fornication) spiritual adultery (idolatry and religious apostacy which is the falling away from the TRUTH of the WORD of GOD(the Holy Bible)-Isaiah 1:21 ;23:16,17;Jer.2:20-37;13:27;Ezek.16:15-43;..........The kings & inhabitants of the earth have opened their arms to her influence..........The Beast is the first beast of chapter 13...The anti Christ & his empire(SEE?)you say, I believe in Christ , yessss & so does the devil... do you believe ON HIM? Is He your perosnal Savior? do you follow Him alone & NOT man?or other Spirits?(This is the catch of mankind..."man, religion, and nothing at all to do with God)all the money paid for prayers for the dead, Rev.20:12 you are what you are when you go(earth body dies )and your works(sins or righteousness in Christ)will follow you & you will be judged by them(no 2nd chances after you die.scripture says, God appoints man Once to die then judgment..... .Rev.17:4-6 the elegant clothing & jewelry of the woman show her wealth & attractiveness,but her activities are filthy & abominable to God,*****(self righteous religious acts...& her sins she hides from the world, ; but not from God *****) the harlot will do what literal Babylon did in the past #1 Oppress God's people(in Christ) #2 propagate a false religious system.(She already has) The Harlot killed many of God's saints & christian Martyrs throughout the ages, and will do so again during the tribulation period. Her sitting on the beast represents the intimate association between the anti Christ and the harlot ( an association of support,influence, control)...........this is all man's religion without God & His Christ, She does NOT know Him or His Word.(2Thess.2:11,12)
*****Rev.18:4-8 Believers must be seperate from the harlot system or be found to share in her sins & receive the same judgment........*****Anti Christ....Read Dan.8:8-11 ;Dan7 :23 & 2Thess.2:3,4 & 2Thess.2:11,12This is described as a religious leader, charasmatic, and the world falls at his feet, he has all the answers (it seems) to all their problems, he speaks great things & sways the world, he is a cleaver leader, a cultic leader...he opposes & exalts himself as God & sits as God ,energized by Satan, he seeks to be worshiped ( now , when you see a man calling himself... Holy Father God, and seeks to be worshiped, where you will bow before him .....thus sitting as God, and opposing God....he uses power, signs & wonders, he counterfeits things done by Christ ,(I want you to see here, that only those of us in Christ , sealed by His Spirit , cleansed in His soul cleansing Blood are God's Saints(Rev.3:20 & Eph.1:7 & Eph.1:13 & Heb.9:11-15.)which their souls are born again in Christ & we ONLY are loyal to God almighty alone Rev.3: 7-13 which are His own in Christ ...nobody can make a soul a saint....only God does this....*****he calls himself Christ in the flesh carefully Deut.32:4,v.15,16 to gods who come newly up,whom your fathers knew not,v.20 they are a froward generation in whom is no faith.....(Christ is our Faith)how do you even know....if the spirit you pray to is maybe in hell?and not heaven?)
the Mark of the Beast is shown here
*****In a revelation I have seen, where she gets nations to sign unto her....(****this is the mark of the beast****)...if you are not signed unto her(she says, then you are not saved)in great tribulation, if not signed to her, you will not be able to buy or sell.****This is the mark of the beast*****or be saved.............
Please get a life saving revelation here.
I will add more later on...
these verses are here on accident!!I guess God thought it would stand out in its full context right here!!!!I will leave it here. We will go on to talk about our subject later on. These verses just jumped down here, no doing of mine, God is in control.....................yes He is
*******The pharisees (same as today's Religious)Matt.23:23 In Little matters the pharisees were most careful to keep the law...YET they had & do completely overlook its more important precepts.

Matt.23:24-26 Strain a gnat or strain out a gnat, to strain out anything unclean..BUT w. in are full of extortion & excess , they extort wrongfully from blind guides v24,25pharisees & hypocrites(religious)you make clean the outside of the cup w. in they are filthy(full of excess &extortion w. in v.27 scribes ,pharisees & hypocrites you are like unto whited sepulchers, indeed appear beautiful Outward BUT within are full of dead men's bones & of all uncleanness, outwardly v.28 you appear righteous unto men, BUT within are full of hypocrisy & Iniquity.....
*****It is about God & God almighty, our ancient King of Glory, not at all about a man and his religion.... or church.*****
*****let's continue..I am using a larger font, easier to read on the dark background...Religion is death valley to your spiritual life /false teachers,false doctrines,religious acts not commanded of God, but by man, which cannot save anyone....please be aware, it is about your soul & God & God alone, not a religion.....I got off talking about Anti Christ, last days (gr tribulation) this is so serious....I do not wish to scare you , but pray your spiritual eyes are opened to see, all you need is God, and no man or church or religion can give this to you......pharisees are the false teachers...remember...they swear by their church not by God..matt.23:16-22 /please get a revelation here.... for God's sake alone, and your own soul ofcourse.....come out of her & do not be punished with her......we talked of this earlier in the blog, swearing by their church, not by God...oaths etc. (temple,church,religion or temple (GR.naos ) be very careful.In all of your learning,,,pray to God for understanding, in Jesus' Name amen..remembering always, Jesus is the Rock of us His spiritual church ,Rom.9:33 / 1Cor.10:4 Jesus is that spiritual Rock.../1Peter2:8 Jesus is the Rock of offense / 1Peter2:4-8 we are built up a spirutal house by God not by man , Holy for God to dwell in....Always remember, Religion is man's idea of God's expectations of made laws, rules, so many you cannot find God in all that....*****Acts16:5 Paul's practice was winning SOULS to CHRIST, God's church is established in the faith...(in Christ ) it increases in numbers daily...........Eph.5:23 Christ is the head of us (His Church) col.1:24 we , His church are His Body ..... He dwells in us Col.1:27 / the Kingdom of God is in you, who abide in Christ man or religion can put God's Kingdom in you, no man .....God alone john1:12,13 seek God with all of yourHeart soul & mind & if you seek Him desire Him more then your own life, sins or religion, you ywill find Him & when you do so, He will hear your heart & draw you unto His Son, for His salvation & His forgiveness.................The Christian church (Jews & Gentiles)one Eph.2:14,15, *****One New Man*****................Now...1Cor.14:33 is in all the churches of the saints... you will read here & see !!The Church of Christ are messengers of Christ 2Cor.8:23 also 1Cor.16:15 is the ministering of us saints.....Eph.4:12 "for the perfecting of (us) saints.....Eph.5:3 named among you who become saints!!!!! Phil.1:1 we who belong to Christ are all saints in Christ man can make a soul a saint..,....Rev.17:6 this RELIGION is drunken with the blood of the saints well.1Cor.15:50 no flesh or blood enters heaven and look here,1Tim.5:10 they washed the feet of the saints !!!Acts15:9 our hearts are purified by Christ Jesus, in His shed Blood (Eph.1:7 )Heb.9:11-15 & 1John2:2 what is most important of this part of the BLOG is that , you should come to see,***** Only By God, not by any man...or religion*****, Religion is the mark of the beast.,,,,,,,,if you do not belong to her (signed onto her....)in gr trib. you will not be able to buy or sell, and she says, if you are not signed onto her, you are not saved.......Did Religion lay its life down for you on a cross? Shed its Blood for you, so by its blood you can be saved???a huge NO. Jesus Christ is the only one who can save you not a religion......and this is how anti Christ positions himself in great tribulation....after we ,Christ's Bride/Church is raptured, once the church & HolySpirit in us are removed from this world (raptured)1Thess.4:16,17 & rev.3:10 all hell breaks out in this world.Then this religious leader steps into power .
Do you remember that cult gathered, waiting to hitch a ride on a comit?This is in a sense how religion thinks, they think they do what God does...they are nothing & can do nothing at all for anyone....Church is a place ( local church ) where we gather to praise our God & worship Him & hear the Word of God taught.***Read my BLOG on Salvation in Christ.
God leads me to do these blogs, there are a lot of teachings,revelations,prophyesies etc. I am sure can help you.
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